17 Touching ‘Then And Now’ Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners

Growing up with a dog (or any loved pet) is truly amazing, especially when the bond between you and your fluffy best friend extends through childhood to adolescence and adulthood. These four-legged angels are always been there for you when you need them the most: your first day at school, first heartbreak, boring winter nights…

In celebration of our best friends, here are some touching then-and-now photos of dog owners with their best friends.

Although the physical appearance changes, these photos prove that love and friendship are timeless.

1) “My dog Midas and myself after a decade together.”


And that soulless avocado will stay young forever.

2) These two have been best friends for 15 years.


3) “My lifelong companion and friend, 2001 and 2014.”


4)Friends since day one.


“Someone dear to me passed away today. This is my best friend Genevieve, on the first day we met, and the last day.”

5) A happy birthday, 14 years apart.


“This is Brandy and I on her first birthday, and 14 years later on her fifteenth. Happy birthday to my beautiful beloved Brandy!”

6) A good book or a good friend never let you down.


“I had to put my first dog down last week after 14 years of wonderful companionship, R.I.P. Docker.”

7) 13 years of epic naps.


“Me and my Weenie 13 years apart.”

8)16 years later, he’s still her best friend.


9) There is no happiness in the world like a puppy kiss.


10) True love, 13 years later.


11) 3 years of friendship.


12) 11 years makes a big difference.


Bonus points for the same shorts!

13) “My dog and I, 1998 and 2012.”


14) 13 years of the best dog a kid could ever have.


15) “The first and last night with my pup…Rest in peace.”


16) “Ten and fifteen years later. My old pal is still going strong.”


17) “My 15 year friendship! Meet Monty.”


While most of these photos are so filled with joy and happiness, at least some also illustrate the sadness of outliving a beloved pet. But it’s probably the dedication and loyalty that dogs expose in their – in our terms – short lives that make them such incredible companions.