The Secret to Papillon Cuteness: Bathing

Vanessa sent us these pictures of Moka, her bath loving Papillon dog.

Dear ThatCuteSite,

I love visiting your site and getting my daily dose of cute. However it has come to my attention that you have no pictures of Papillons.

Just in case you didn’t know what a Papillon is, they’re gorgeous dogs very similar to Pomeranians or¬†Chihuahuas but with massive butterfly wing-like ears (papillon literally means means butterfly in French).

Anyways, I’ve attached a picture of my adorable 4 pound, fully grown Papillion, Moka.
I have also included 2 pictures of us giving her a bath (in the laundry room sink) and giving her a mohawk/dinosaur spikes.
You can tell she’s thrilled.

Oh dearie me, no pictures of papillons you say! Well we can’t stand for that people, so Moka here has the honor of being the first Papillion we feature, I say she deserves a treat!

Again thanks to Vanessa and Moka, stay clean!

  • Sarah

    So sweet! She looks just like my little girl.