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  • baby_polar_bear_ball

    This Tiny Baby Polar Bear Will Totally Melt Your Heart

    If I could do anything and be anywhere this second- it would probably be at the Toronto Zoo getting some snuggle time with this two-month old polar bear cub. Although they say the weather in the Bahamas is nice this time of year… But then, they don’t have adorable baby polar bears!   Aww. This poor baby just […] More

  • toronto_polar_bear_cub_01

    The Toronto Zoo’s New Polar Bear Cub

    The Toronto Zoo’s newest ursine attraction, a 14-week-old polar bear cub, recently made his debut. The cub – to be named via an online contest sponsored by the zoo – had a rough start to life when his mother rejected him and two other siblings at birth. He was the only survivor from his litter. Now weighing […] More

  • Baby Ocelot Kittens

    Baby Ocelot Kittens

    Ocelot babies are 50% forehead but 100% cute. Cute baby ocelot kittens, 5 weeks old, examined by zookeepers at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Five weeks of age. More

  • Baby Otters Learn How To Swim

    Baby Otters Learn How To Swim

    That is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Those little birds chirping sounds they make are way cutetastic! Two baby otters at Longleat are being taught to swim in a paddling pool – by the keeper they think is their mum. Deputy Head of Section at Animal Adventure, Beverley Allen, […] More