Tag: Winter

  • Cute Compilation Video Of Happy Dogs Playing In The Snow

    It’s winter time and while most of us are dying to stay bundled up under the covers with hot chocolate near the heater, we all know that no one loves winter as much as our dogs. I have had many dogs that range from big to small, fluffy to short hair, and there was not […] More

  • Oregon Zoo Is Shut Due To Heavy Snow…But The Animals Are LOVING It!

    You know how excited the kids get when they have a snow day? It almost pales in comparison with the reaction of the animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Heavy snow fall prompted the zoo to close to the public for the day, but what that meant was one incredible snow day for some […] More

  • Kind Man Rescues A Tiny Frozen Bird With The Warmth Of His Breath

    On a frigid New Years morning in Idaho, a farmer found a tiny bird frozen to a metal fence. Nelson Miller, from Caldwell, found the small bird struggling to fly away while he fed his horses. Writing online, he said: “I noticed a solitary sparrow perched upon the steel fence near the water tank. The […] More

  • Hilarious Dog Takes Multiple Slides Down A Snow Covered Hill

    Fingal here is a Maremma/Pyrenees sheep dog guardian who loves nothing more than snow and winter. Here is taking advantage of the last days of winter (this was filmed in May). The snow was almost gone, but that didn’t stop him from taking multiple slides down the snow-covered hill. Now that’s the good life! Dogs […] More

  • These Cats Love To Sit In Front Of The Window Every Time It Rains

    Felicity Berkleef is a 21-year-old self-taught pet photographer from The Netherlands who loves to take pictures of her two cats, Nero and Tommie. She’s shared hundreds of beautiful pictures of her two friends on Instagram. While the two best friends love nothing more than to go outside and explore the world around them, they aren’t the […] More

  • Cute Pugs Have A Snow Sledding Party

    Get in the holiday spirit with the help of these four fabulous Pugs. Decked out in their best winter gear they’re about to have the most adorable snow sledding party! More

  • Two Wintry Alpacas

    At least they come in peace judging by that olive branch… well it’s a branch of some sorts. More

  • The Snowboarding 1 Year Old Toddler

    At just 1 year and 4 months old, Ava Marie is already tearing up the slopes at Mammoth Mountain in California. 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, here she comes. More