Tag: Water

  • Hysterical Puppy Can’t Get To The Bone At The Bottom Of His Bowl

    When this adorable little puppy got a new water bowl, his mom decided to film his hysterical reaction to the black, printed-on bone at the bottom of the water bowl. When the little pup notices the fake bone he does his very best to try to reach it, dunking his head and paws into the water. […] More

  • Watch As This Sweet Baby Moose Plays With A Sprinkler

    There’s nothing quite like spending a warm summer’s day running around the sprinkler, and it’s not just humans that would agree with that statement. Apparently this baby moose is a huge fan of sprinklers too! “I meant to do that!” I’m sure the homeowners had just as much fun watching this cutie play from their […] More

  • Cat Gets His Revenge On Food Stealing Geese

    While enjoying a nice day in the park, a group of geese and ducks stole this cat’s snacks! That’s when kitty gets his revenge on the thieving birds with a little help from his inventive owner! More

  • Super Cute Hedgehog Bath Time

    Really hope that toothbrush is reserved for hedgehog washing only. Max’s bath time. Including hedgehog freakout, calm down, scrubbing, sniffing, sneezing, tattoos, and split tongue. More

  • Kitty Plumbing Ltd – Help Drains Go With the Flow

    Excuse us ma’am, but it seems we finally found the source of your water leak. Just give us a couple of hours and we’ll have it fixed right up for you. *slurp, slurp* Thanks to Luciana L. for these pictures of her two babies, Babykatz (Bengal cat) and Mr. Kitty (Cow cat). More

  • Baby Bat Has a Sip of Water

    Yeah, just wait until it turns into a terrifying, SPARKLY, HOT TEEN VAMPIRE AND… uh, actually… that would be kind of cool. More

  • When a Cat Meets Dolphins…

    This just proves that dolphins are highly evolved! They appreciate cats too.  After all, dolphins do routinely say, “SQUEEEEEEE!” More

  • Capybaras Enjoy a Spa

    Oh right, so that’s their secret to that youthful and wrinkle-free complexion they have. More