Tag: Unlikely BFFs

  • Abused Wolves And Veterans Suffering With PTSD Help Each Other Heal

    When you think of wolves, you normally think of tough, aggressive creatures. They roam the woods like they’re the kings and queens of the forest. You never really think about how these hearty creatures might sometimes need help, too. Cruel people mistreat them just the same as they, unfortunately, do to other animals. These abused […] More

  • Abused Pot-Bellied Pig Now Adorably Cuddles With New Family After Being Rescued

    A lucky pot-bellied pig has a new chance at life after animal rescuers found him left for dead after having been horrendously beaten with a crowbar. Koa’s body was covered in gashes and one wound was completely infested with maggots. To save his life, the terrified pig was rushed into emergency surgery at the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. […] More

  • Baby Elephant Has An Amazing Bond With An Elephant Sanctuary Worker

    This is the amazing bond between one baby elephant, Kham La, and Darrick, a worker at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. They are always looking for each other at the park. When Kham La sees her best friend, she and her herd always run over to say hi to Darrick. More

  • Rescued Baby Elephant Becomes Best Friends With A Dog

    Everyone loves having a dog friend, and this baby elephant is no exception! The tiny guy arrived at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa after being rejected by his herd. Critically ill, the youngster had very little chance of survival. But thanks to round-the-clock care from sanctuary staff, and a bit of help from a special […] More

  • Owl And Dog Are Incredibly Photogenic Best Friends (14 Pictures)

    I would never have believed that an owl and a dog could become best friends until I saw these surprising and adorable photos by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany. Ingo the shepherd dog and Poldi the little owl seem more than happy to cozy up to each other for photoshoots […] More

  • Baby Chimp And Grizzly Bear Cub are Best Friends

    These two cute little critters have formed a truly great friendship, meet Vali the chimp and Bam Bam the bear. The two live together at a park in South Carolina, where they and their parents were born.     More

  • Buttons the Puppy and Kitty the Kitten are BFF

    The age old saying ‘fighting like dogs and cats’ has been dispelled by a pair of unlikely friends at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home (the Old Windsor branch, in Berkshire in the UK). At just weeks old, Buttons the puppy and Kitty the kitten were both abandoned from a very young age and are now being […] More

  • Then and Now: Dog and Cheetah Friends

    These two are Kasi and Mtani. The mom abandoned Kasi because he was the only one alive in the litter. Born in Jacksonville, Busch Gardens Tampa took him shortly before opening their new ride “Cheetah Hunt.” His first birthday was within the last month! Mtani is going to be a companion with Kasi for the […] More

  • The Weirdest Gathering of Animals Ever

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one… An eagle, a fox, and two cats were chilling on a porch… First of all just let me explain the hot water heater! My hot water heater leaked and flooded my kitchen and so I just went through getting it replaced. We have had so much snow (it’s […] More