Tag: Turtles

  • Kevin the Tortoise VS the Tomato

    It would appear Kevin here had a few too many drinks this Christmas… Kevin, our baby sulcata tortoise, has terrible depth perception. Sorry for the shaking; I was laughing. I’m a bad mom. More

  • African Spurred Tortoise Babies

    Now all we need is some mutagenic radioactive waste, Jackie Chan in a beat up Chuck E. Cheese outfit, a bunch of pizzas from Pizza Hut, and then we’ll have ourselves some real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These are a few of some 45 hatchlings from the Linton Zoological Gardens in the UK. They are African […] More

  • Baby Goat Rides On the Back of a Tortoise

    This little fella hailed a tortoise taxi, but he didn’t realize the Tortoise Taxi Drivers Association was on strike that day. Poor little goat. Now he’ll never get home. More

  • Tiny the Turtle and his Strawberry

    It’s already been well established that turtles love strawberries. So if they’re too full to eat them, they’ll take them home to save for later as a snack. More

  • Michelangelo the Baby Turtle and Future Ninja Turtle

    When Rachel T. sent us this picture of her baby turtle the first thing that popped into our heads was “aww” but after that we wondered what that pencil was doing in the picture, that is until we read the rest of Rachel’s email and noticed that the little turtle’s name is actually Michelangelo, and […] More

  • Bearded Dragon Rides Sulcata Tortoise

    Based on the soundtrack, I can only assume that these two are off on a journey of deep spiritual reflection. Or maybe they’re being just a little bit emo. More

  • An Unexpected Turtle Visitor

    This Shiba Inu is a little confused by the Red Eared Slider squatting in his doghouse. Sorry to say this doggy, but I don’t think he’s leaving anytime soon, he’s pleading squatter’s rights. More