Tag: True Love

  • Tiger Love

    “Honey, please, the Bengals are playing the Jaguars.” More

  • Two Lovebirds on a Branch

    Aww she is resting her head on her man’s big feathery chest. Or the other way around, I’m not really an expert in bird genders. EDIT: Yep, it’s the other way around after all it seems, these are Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu finches, and only the males have the red cheek patches. More

  • Kissing Prairie Dogs

    We don’t need a silly holiday like Valentines Day to post pictures of cute animals being all affectionate. Having said that though; Get a room you two! (well a burrow) More

  • A Squirrel Kiss

    Oh look, there is a little spider next to the bottom squirrel. It just wants in on the love. More

  • This Cat & Dog Lick Each Other a Lot

    Jeez, get a room already… Actually, thinking about it, it looks more like the dog is doing some light gnawing, but in a loving way so all is good, YAY! More

  • A Tiny Wingman

    A true wingman always takes one for the team, so his buddy can live the dream. It’s no different in the hamster world. More