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  • then_and_now_pet_dogs_owners

    17 Touching ‘Then And Now’ Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners

    Growing up with a dog (or any loved pet) is truly amazing, especially when the bond between you and your fluffy best friend extends through childhood to adolescence and adulthood. These four-legged angels are always been there for you when you need them the most: your first day at school, first heartbreak, boring winter nights… […] More

  • Dog and Cheetah, THEN

    Then and Now: Dog and Cheetah Friends

    These two are Kasi and Mtani. The mom abandoned Kasi because he was the only one alive in the litter. Born in Jacksonville, Busch Gardens Tampa took him shortly before opening their new ride “Cheetah Hunt.” His first birthday was within the last month! Mtani is going to be a companion with Kasi for the […] More

  • Growing Up

    Growing Up, a Tale of Three Dogs

    Clearly this Cocker Spaniel is a mastermind playing the long game – train ’em up when they’re cute and cuddly and eventually… two loyal bodyguards! “I’m SOOO tired. These things will be the death of me. Why? Why master? Was I not enough? I need a nap.” “Yikes! These two could beat me up anytime. Show no weakness. […] More

  • Boy Holding His Dog - Then

    Then and Now: Best Friends For 10 Years

    Well he managed to recreate that image quite well. Same smile, sweater, wink and all… It’s like he’s the same person, or something. THEN: NOW: Check out more of our Then & Now themed posts here! More

  • Kitten in a Box - Then

    Then and Now: Box Kitty

    Erwin Schrodinger called, he’s missing his cat. THEN: NOW: Check out more of our Then & Now themed posts here! More

  • Floor Crashers: Then

    Then and Now: Floor Crashers

    At this rate the dog will keep growing until he devours us all! THEN: NOW: Check out more of our Then & Now themed posts here! More

  • Then and Now: Best Friends

    Then and Now: Best Friends

    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France My best friend was given to me 13 years ago, we don’t have much time left together because of her heart failure. This was us then and here’s us now. Picture courtesy of Reddit user svane More

  • Head Kitten - Then

    Then and Now: Head Cat

    All the latter picture is missing is a band-aid. But kitty probably took care of that on the way down. THEN: NOW: Check out more of our Then & Now themed posts here! More