Tag: Swimming Pool

  • Super Cute Golden Retriever Puppies Swim For The First Time

    Tiffany Emig, the owner of Enchanted Retrievers, took nine English cream Golden Retriever puppies for their first swim at the Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas, when they were just five-weeks-old. The water will undoubtedly be intimidating for puppies at that age. But, as this video shows, the pups rose to the challenge and dived into […] More

  • Dogs Having Fun in Slow Motion

    Devin Supertramp, who is famous for painting amazing video spectacles, took to the pool with his furry friends and a super slow motion camera. He and his team captured the fun in the sun at 1,000 glorious framer per second which has us missing the summer very, very much 🙁 More

  • Just a Pool Full of Corgis

    Ain’t no party, like a corgi puppy party, because a corgi puppy party don’t stop! …Well actually the last picture says otherwise. More

  • How to Throw an Awesome Corgi Pool Party

    It’s starting to get warm now seeing how summer is nearly upon us. The perfect time to throw an awesome corgi pool party. So just follow these simple 9 steps and we guarantee you’ll be the most popular corgi in town. Step 1: Invite all your buddies over. Step 2: Work on that tan. Step 3: Have […] More