Tag: Stuck

  • Bear Cubs Stuck In A Tree Trunk Get Set Free

    A woman had heard distant cries for two nights when she decided to follow the sound. The loud cries led her to a tree with holes in the trunk. What she found was a couple of bear cubs who had managed to get stuck inside the trunk. Authorities believe the bears climbed in the holes and debris fell, trapping […] More

  • Couple Frees A Prairie Dog Stuck In A Hole

    A kindhearted couple was driving when they saw something moving around in the middle of the road. When they got out to investigate they saw a prairie dog that was just a bit too big and was struggling to get out of his hole. After some quick thinking they managed to free the poor thing…who […] More

  • Kitten Gets Stuck In a Hamster Ball

    I like how his thought process went something like this: “Well, I’m stuck in a hamster ball… better eat my own tail.” That’s just how he rolls! More

  • 127 Seconds

    The Academy were FOOLS to overlook this masterpiece fully deserving of an Oscar for best picture! Guess the ending just had one too many limbs for them. More