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  • Adorable Golden Retriever Welcomes Military Mom Home With A Huge Hug

    The bond between human and dog is simply incredible, and this reunion between a Marine and her Golden Retriever is just a little more proof of that. Oshie had been missing his mom so much while she was off in Norway on a training mission. So when she finally came home, Dad grabbed his camera […] More

  • Queen’s Guard Melts Hearts By Making One Boy’s Birthday Dream Come True

    For his 4th birthday, Marshall’s mom took him to see the changing of the Queen’s Guard ceremony outside Windsor Castle. But no one expected what would happen when one of the guards spotted the little boy in his replica uniform. Marhsall and his mom, Imogen, were watching the Queen’s Coldstream guards march through the castle […] More

  • Heartwarming Reunions Between Dogs And Their Military Moms And Dads

    The bond between humans and dogs is simply incredible, and these reunions between military veterans and their beloved dogs is sure to put a huge smile on your face. For anyone that doesn’t believe that dogs and other animals can’t feel powerful emotions like love, then you might want to show them this absolutely heartwarming and touching video.   More

  • The Cutest Little Swedish Guard

    You can laugh all you want, but that little boy has prevented Crown Princess Victoria from being kidnapped by bullies four times now. More