Tag: Singing

  • Dad And Baby Pair Up For A Hilarious ‘O Holy Night’ Lip Dub

    Performing a soothing rendition of a ‘O Holy Night’ at just one month old, this baby seems to have a singing ability far beyond his years. His pitch-perfect rendition of the famous Christmas carol before going to bed will win your heart. Admittedly though, the precious little baby does get a little help from his father, Andrew Killingsworth, […] More

  • Kitty Cat Sings the Blues

    Human’s been feeding me Kibble. dun dunnnnn dun dun Ain’t no fit meal for a beast. dun dunnnnn dun dun Why dontcha go back to the market. dun dunnnnn dun dun And buy me some Fancy Feast. More

  • The Amazing Singing, Piano-Playing Dog

    So your dog can sing can he? Boring, we’ve seen it! Give us a dog that sings and plays an instrument with a vague sense of harmony, and then we’ll be impressed. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is that dog. Prepare to be enraptured by art, puppy style. More

  • Cute 2 Year Old Girl Sings Adele

    First of all, she’s got talent. Add to that the fact that she’s adorable and happy tears everywhere will be shed. Hello guys! My 2 year old daughter Makena loves Adele and sings along! Makena, have your people call my people! More

  • This Lead Singer is a “Cool Cat”

    I’m guessing the cat sounds something like Nickelback… Actually that’s not fair, I shouldn’t disrespect the poor cat like that. Sorry kitty 🙁 More