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  • Hilarious Husky Puppy Can’t Sit Still During Dinner Time

    Siberian Huskies Dash & Kitana are new parents who are loving every second of raising their puppies…but like in any other family, there’s always that one kid who can’t sit still during dinner. While Kitana was breastfeeding their babies, one of them wouldn’t stop playing with mom’s tail. It’s as adorable as it is funny! […] More

  • This Hilarious Husky Really Loves A Good Head Massage

    Huskies might love the bitter cold, but as you can see in this adorable video, they love a good head massage too! Just watch as Yaris, a 10-year-old Siberian husky from Thailand, receives the best head massage from her owner. I love her hysterical face after the tongue is placed back in her mouth, “Oh was it hanging out again? Warblgarrble!”. More

  • Corgi Loves Getting Vacuumed

    Nothing to see here, folks. It’s just Corbin the Corgi enjoying a nice casual vacuuming. Hi guys, This is my corgi Corbin getting vacuumed before he comes in the house. Visit his blog here! More

  • Hat Cat, The Only Hat a Man Needs

    Hat cat has notably hairy ears. Here I am, making a note of it. Sophie/Headcrab Cat really likes the view from up top. Sorry about the laughing – it was just too funny. 🙂 Sophie is evidently the head of your household! More

  • THIS JUST IN: Camels Run Funny

    Either that camel is broken, or that is just two guys in a camel suit. Racing with my Camel. Nessie and I have been doing this since she was a couple weeks old. We walk together, then turn around…I say, “Go!” and we run!!! More

  • Puppy Just Wants to Sit in His Water Bowl

    Someone clearly needs a plastic wading pool all for himself… or a fancy bidet. Dethan is a cute thirteen week old Landseer puppy who likes things the way they are. When we switched his water dish he thought we were offering him a new wading pool! – SirDethan on YouTube More