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  • Oregon Zoo Is Shut Due To Heavy Snow…But The Animals Are LOVING It!

    You know how excited the kids get when they have a snow day? It almost pales in comparison with the reaction of the animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Heavy snow fall prompted the zoo to close to the public for the day, but what that meant was one incredible snow day for some […] More

  • Seal Takes A Ride On The Back Of A Whale

    While on a whale watching tour off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula a group of people caught a seal having some fun riding on the back of a whale. What an amazing thing to capture! More

  • Poor Baby Seal Shunned For Being Ginger

    It seems that even amongst animals, gingers get no respect. This little guy’s unique coloring caused him to be rejected by his colony and his family. According to Mr. Strakhov who took these pictures: He was hiding and waiting for his mother to come and feed him. He had a very strange color fur and looked different from his […] More

  • Adorable Baby Seal Gets Released Into the Ocean

    This video gets our official Seal of approval. Now go pack on the muscle little guy so you can defend yourself out there in the vast ocean. A starving Northern Fur Seal is rehabilitated back to health by Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre on Salt Spring Island, BC. More

  • A Russian Girl and Her Pet Seal

    Now we are not suggesting that anyone adopt a seal as a pet, that is probably a terrible idea for both you and the seal. But that is exactly what this Russian girl did after she saved a lonely seal cub that she found. She feeds it, takes it out for a walk and even lets […] More

  • Snoop Dogg and a Sea Lion

    This is actually a publicity shot for the new buddy cop movie they’re in: SEALED DOCUMENTS At least it would be in an ideal world. The D-O-Double Gee, responsible for such chart classics as Gin and Juice, What’s My Name? and Drop It Like It’s Hot, popped into SeaWorld San Diego with his family while […] More

  • Baby Animal Photo Collection #1 (7 Pictures)

    Everyone knows that the baby version of something is always that much cuter, which is why we are regularly going to be making these little compilation galleries of cute baby animals doing what they do best, being cute and adorable. Anyways, check out our part 1 of what we hope to make into a regular series […] More