Tag: Running

  • Adorable Little Elephant Falls Over While Chasing Birds

      An employee at the Borås zoo in Sweden was filming an adorable little elephant calf playing around and chasing after some birds when the poor little cutie took a stumble in the grass. The baby elephant is named Chindi and according to the zoo the clumsy little guy is full of energy and loves […] More

  • Adorable Baby Giraffe Runs Around Outside For The First Time

    Murchison is the newest resident of the Chester Zoo in the U.K. He’s named after the region in Uganda where the largest remaining population of Rothschild giraffes lives. The zoo says there are less than 1,600 remaining in the wild, making them one of the world’s most endangered mammals. Conservationists are hoping to bring awareness […] More

  • Senior Dog Retires From Agility Tournaments With One Last, Heartwarming Run

    Lakota the dog has weaved, jumped and navigated agility courses for 10 years, but now with her body getting older, it was time to retire. But not before taking one more run of the course with her beloved human, Val. Her last run was at the AKC trial in Great Falls, Montana. No jumps were attempted, but […] More

  • Disabled Dog Runs For The First Time With Prosthetic Legs

    Watch as Daisy the dog runs for the first time thanks to her brand new prosthetic legs. Watching her go is sure to make you smile! Disabled Dog, Daisy Leaned How To Run In Prosthetic Legs Daisy is now RUNNING! Both her ears and spirit are bouncing with joy. Posted by Daisy Underbite on Wednesday, […] More

  • THIS JUST IN: Camels Run Funny

    Either that camel is broken, or that is just two guys in a camel suit. Racing with my Camel. Nessie and I have been doing this since she was a couple weeks old. We walk together, then turn around…I say, “Go!” and we run!!! More

  • Home on the Range

    OMG! It’s like a dog-bear-cat. Half dog, half bear, half cat… Wait no, that doesn’t make sense. It’s half dog and half bear-cat! As far as we can tell, it’s actally an Akita puppy. More

  • Kiwi Workout

    Kiwi strutting his stuff on a treadmill as part of his rehabilitation after an accident. Why can’t I look this cute when I work out? However I think this video clearly called for ‘Eye of the tiger’. More