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  • This Dachshund Puppy Snacking On A Healthy Banana Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    This insanely cute and tiny Dachshund puppy was in the need for a little snack, and being the health conscious little pup he is, he of course went for a banana! Seeing this precious dog eat his fruit is just what my day needed! Just look at him go. How adorable! I was planning to […] More

  • Hilarious Husky Puppy Can’t Sit Still During Dinner Time

    Siberian Huskies Dash & Kitana are new parents who are loving every second of raising their puppies…but like in any other family, there’s always that one kid who can’t sit still during dinner. While Kitana was breastfeeding their babies, one of them wouldn’t stop playing with mom’s tail. It’s as adorable as it is funny! […] More

  • Girl’s Puppy Birthday Surprise Ends With Something So Much More

    Shelby had been wanting a dog for a while, so her boyfriend promised that he’d get her a loving puppy friend for her birthday. When the day finally came, she waited anxiously for her dream puppy to be in her arms…little did she know she’d soon be crying with joy for two very different reasons. […] More

  • 13 Cute Pictures Of Happy Dogs Who Really Love The Beach

    The beach is always a guaranteed great time…especially if you’re a playful dog. Unlike their human friends, pups never worry about sand or seaweed getting stuck in their bathing suits. They just dive right into the waves (regardless of how cold the water might be) or bury their snouts as deep into the sand as […] More

  • Adorable Husky Puppy Tries To Argue Her Way Out Of Taking A Bath

    Bath time: a touchy topic for toddlers worldwide. It’s a dividing issue for that demographic: Is bath time good? Or is bath time evil? There are pros and cons for both sides, of course, like it gets you fresh and clean, but it also gets you wet; you have to get naked, but, then again, […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Instantly Falls In Love With A Kitten

    Introductions are almost always awkward. No matter how many times we practice in a mirror, there’s just no avoiding that embarrassing first impression. Luckily, these two cuties have the sweetest, fuzziest faces to distract from any difficulties. Just watch how gentle and sweet the puppy is to her new kitten friend. Giving her adorable little […] More

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    Little Girl Breaks Down In Tears Over A Christmas Puppy Surprise

    For years, Daisy’s biggest wish was for a puppy. The little girl liked to imagine that her stuffed dog, Luna, was a real puppy. Well, little did she know that her biggest Christmas wish was about to come true when her parents asked her to shut her eyes while holding her teddy. Her reaction after opening […] More

  • Cute Puppy Can’t Figure Out How His Mom Went Down The Stairs

    This adorable golden retriever puppy and his mom were chilling at the top of the stairs when she hopped up and trotted right down the stairs. Well, apparently the little guy hasn’t quite mastered the stairs yet… Seeing his hilarious reaction to mom walking down the stairs so easily will crack you up! You can […] More

  • 17 Touching ‘Then And Now’ Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners

    Growing up with a dog (or any loved pet) is truly amazing, especially when the bond between you and your fluffy best friend extends through childhood to adolescence and adulthood. These four-legged angels are always been there for you when you need them the most: your first day at school, first heartbreak, boring winter nights… […] More