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  • This Pug Gets Super Excited Once He Realizes Where His Owner Has Taken Him

    Dogs are great at identifying words and associating them with people, places, and things. That’s how they’re able to learn their name, how to sit, and perform other tricks. When a person says certain key words, their canine companion can usually react accordingly. When this Captain the pug found out that he was going to […] More

  • Cute Pugs Have A Snow Sledding Party

    Get in the holiday spirit with the help of these four fabulous Pugs. Decked out in their best winter gear they’re about to have the most adorable snow sledding party! More

  • The Pug Avengers are Here to Save the Day

    A team of remarkable pugs gather together to face Earth’s greatest threat. Are they up to the challenge? The stakes are high, and if they succeed, an endless supply of Kibbles awaits. More

  • The Wampug Strikes Back

    Chubbs the Wampug is back. Here’s to hoping they make an all-pug remake. A re-enactment of the Wampa scenes in The Empire Strikes back featuring Chubbs the Wampug. In the original scenes Luke Skywalker chops off the Wampa’s arm after using the Force to retrieve his lightsaber. In the Wampug Strikes Back, the Wampug has […] More

  • Chubbs the Happy Wampug

    Who knew a Wampa, the Ice Monster of Hoth, could be so adorable (although, I doubt Luke Skywalker agrees with us, as he hangs there). These pictures are of Chubbs the “Wampug”, you can find him on Facebook. More

  • Blind Pug Guided by Another Pug

    This pair of pugs are firm friends with a very special relationship – one acting as the eyes of the other. Franky acts as a guide dog to his fellow pug Elly (the white-coated pug), helping on walks or to find food and water because she isn’t able to find her own way. The duo […] More

  • Lux, Maggie & Tinsel Wish You a Merry Pugmas

    Our good friends Lux, Maggie & Tinsel wanted to wish everybody here a Merry Pugmas! Lux: Maggie: Tinsel: Our thanks to Brittany & Hill (and Lux, Maggie & Tinsel), a merry Christmas to you all! More

  • Meet The Wampug

    StarWarsChick01 says: Every year I make a new costume for my pug Chubbs and this year was no exception. This year she became the dreaded Hoth Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back! Here she coming directly from her photoshoot and looking cute as can be! Beware…the WAMPUG! George Lucas take note of this, I need a […] More