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  • Oregon Zoo Is Shut Due To Heavy Snow…But The Animals Are LOVING It!

    You know how excited the kids get when they have a snow day? It almost pales in comparison with the reaction of the animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Heavy snow fall prompted the zoo to close to the public for the day, but what that meant was one incredible snow day for some […] More

  • This Tiny Baby Polar Bear Will Totally Melt Your Heart

    If I could do anything and be anywhere this second- it would probably be at the Toronto Zoo getting some snuggle time with this two-month old polar bear cub. Although they say the weather in the Bahamas is nice this time of year… But then, they don’t have adorable baby polar bears!   Aww. This poor baby just […] More

  • This is Both Cute and Frightening

    Put Liam Neeson in a bear costume and we have ourselves a block buster. “Gaze upon my cub as much as you see fit. But know this. Just as you may gaze upon him, I gaze upon you. I look into your soul and I only sense fear and false bravado. Come near and we […] More

  • The Toronto Zoo’s New Polar Bear Cub

    The Toronto Zoo’s newest ursine attraction, a 14-week-old polar bear cub, recently made his debut. The cub – to be named via an online contest sponsored by the zoo – had a rough start to life when his mother rejected him and two other siblings at birth. He was the only survivor from his litter. Now weighing […] More

  • Polar Bears Eating Watermelons (15 Pictures)

    Apparently July is National Watermelon Month! So to honor this great month here are some polar bears with their natural prey, the watermelon. I tell you,  those things are everywhere you look in polar bear country. More