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  • Dog Gives The Greatest Piano Performance You’ll Ever See

    There are some people who sit down at a piano, and you can just tell that they’re about to do something out of this world. It’s the way they hold themselves…the way they regard their instrument as an extended part of themselves… This tiny pooch is definitely one of those musicians. Look at him go! […] More

  • The Amazing Singing, Piano-Playing Dog

    So your dog can sing can he? Boring, we’ve seen it! Give us a dog that sings and plays an instrument with a vague sense of harmony, and then we’ll be impressed. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is that dog. Prepare to be enraptured by art, puppy style. More

  • Keyboard Ferret

    Keyboard Cat is sooooo 2007, Keyboard Ferret is all the rage these days. Picture by : Apelsinchik More

  • Kitten Looking Cute on a Piano

    This kitten is 3.5 weeks old and has already written his first Opera, Mozart was 11 when he wrote his first Opera. Thus going by logic: Kitten > Mozart More