Tag: Otters

  • Oregon Zoo Is Shut Due To Heavy Snow…But The Animals Are LOVING It!

    You know how excited the kids get when they have a snow day? It almost pales in comparison with the reaction of the animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Heavy snow fall prompted the zoo to close to the public for the day, but what that meant was one incredible snow day for some […] More

  • Otter-Ball is Otterly Adoraball

    Aww, it looks like he’s playing a tiny piano…or maybe he’s a tiny otter DJ…or maybe he’s a tiny otter Mage, conjuring up some magic. Expelliarmus! More

  • Otterly Adorable Kiss

    That otter in the middle must be letting off all kinds of pheromones to get that much attention. More

  • Puppy Plays With a River Otter

    Apparently this river otter stops by every afternoon to roughhouse with his buddy. In other words: This is otterly adorable! More

  • Little Boy Races an Otter

    THIS JUST IN: Chaos on the Otterbahn – watch as a young driver weaves in and out of his lane while racing another driver who’s clearly tanked. More

  • Meet Ollie the Otter

    Why yes, that is the once-abandoned three-month-old sea otter named Ollie curled up for a nap on her rescuer Caitlin Dixon’s boots. And yes, it is actually, the cutest picture ever taken. And yes, there is a video. More

  • Baby Otters Learn How To Swim

    That is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Those little birds chirping sounds they make are way cutetastic! Two baby otters at Longleat are being taught to swim in a paddling pool – by the keeper they think is their mum. Deputy Head of Section at Animal Adventure, Beverley Allen, […] More