Tag: OMG a Lion!

  • Baby In A Lion Costume Comes Face To Face With A Real Lion

    These adorable pictures show the moment a toddler dressed up in a lion costume meets a real life lion, through the safety of a thick window, of course. The aww-dorable scene was captured at Zoo Atlanta. The toddler’s godfather, Cami Fanning, posted a video of the meeting on YouTube and it went viral. He writes: “My […] More

  • Holy Cow, It’s a Lio… Oh Wait No #6

    He’s just practising for an audition for the part of Simba in an amateur production of the Lion King musical. For even more four legged friends pretending to be the King of the Jungle go here -> CLICK More

  • Holy Cow, It’s a Lio… Oh Wait No #2

    This picture just made us have to carry on with our “Holy Cow, It’s a Lio… Oh Wait No” themed posts, in fact we even made a tag for it ( see here ) since we hope there are many more cute Lion doppelganger pictures out there for us to post. And if you have any […] More