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  • The Seagull Who Thinks He’s a Cat

    Right so he grew up, moved in with his girlfriend, still comes back, strolls in and takes food at will… Sounds like a teenager to me.   After falling down a chimney and into a seaside home, Mr Pooh the seagull was destined to become a very confused young bird. The herring gull was adopted […] More

  • Oscar the Bionic Cat

    Oscar the bionic cat can now leap over walls again, hiss at all the unfriendly people that ever come near him and snuggle up to the vets that saved his life. Oscar, you definitely are one lucky cat. A cat that had its back feet severed by a combine harvester has been given two prosthetic […] More

  • Chinese Pet Owners Dye Their Pets to Look Like Wild Animals

    That retriever would scare the living daylights out of a postman… Read below about this bizarre story. From a distance it could be mistaken for a reclining tiger, with its big paws and striped orange and black coat.But then it stands up, wags its tail and barks – giving the game away.This unsuspecting canine is […] More

  • Dogs Do Yoga, or “Doga”

    In Seattle, WA, residents can do Yoga with their dogs. “Doga” is part meditation, part exercise and instructors say dogs follow along by reading their owner’s energy. And I’m pretty sure the dogs don’t mind, they get focused attention from their owner for an hour, while getting to see other dogs. More