Tag: Maru

  • Maru at his Finest

    Maru is like a great silent film star, he’s the Buster Keaton of cat videos if you will. There is nothing wrong with the world that Maru cannot fix. More

  • Maru Tries on Various Hairstyles

    Everyone’s favorite cat, Maru, is back with another box adventure. This time, he’s trying on a bunch of fabulous (cardboard) hairstyles. Why you ask? Because he’s looking for something that will look good all over his owner’s clothes and furniture. Duh! More

  • The Maru Box Tournament

    Which box will win the battle for the #1 spot in Maru’s heart. Will it be Small Box, Smaller Box, Thin Box, or Slim Box. While it starts off slow, the final round is a nail biter! More

  • Maru’s Halloween

     This Halloween, Maru discovered a pumpkin and dressed up as a nerdy pumpkinhead named Dr. Pumpkin. He also got into the sink and, later, a small box. This has been your breaking Maru news update for the day. More

  • Maru Jumping Out of Boxes in Slo-Mo

    Maru doing his usual thing, presented at 1/3 the normal speed. For anyone who’s always wanted to really study the graceful form of a fat cat jumping in to and out of boxes. More

  • Maru and His Big Box

    I love Maru. The sheer abandon with which he hurls himself into space makes me smile. And the way he ‘pops’ out of the box just kills me every time. Nothing says Happy Caturday like Maru here. More