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  • Smart German Shepherd Helps Friend Out Of A Kennel

    One dog owner wasn’t sure how her Maltese, Sophie, kept getting out of her kennel. To see what was going on, the woman set up a hidden camera. What the camera revealed was that Twitch, a super smart German Shepherd, was letting his friend out. He not only unlatches the gate, but takes the towel off of the cage too. I think he just […] More

  • Cute Puppy Awakes From a Cute Puppy Nap

    We put those tiny puppy howls through the Puppy-Translator 2000™ and got this result: “Attend me!! Attend me!! How dare thee discontinue the rubbing of the belleh?? Resume, I say!!” samcjung on YouTube writes: My 5 week old pup, Happy. Happy is a Mauxie (Maltese + Daschund). I took this video when Happy first came home […] More

  • Puppy Looks Tiny Compared to a Cup

    Is it just me, or does Scooter look a bit… Sad? Like he was hoping there’d be mini marshmallows in his hot cocoa? Read more about Scooter the tiny Maltese pup here: click me More