Tag: Love

  • Furball Fables Wish You a Purrfect Valentine’s Day

    Love is in the air this week at the Furball house as the cats express their feelings about what Love is, this Valentine’s Day! Love is universal, uplifting, and inspiring! Anyone who has been touched by the heart of a cat knows that they fill us with so much love and sweetness. Our cats have […] More

  • Love Has No Boundaries

    Can I keep him? Please, pretty please, oh please? I promise I’ll take care of him and clean up after him and play with him and feed him some of my fish lunches. More

  • Nothing Beats a Mother’s Hug

    “Jeeez, Ma, I’m just going to school. Maaaaaa… all the guys are watching…” If anyone thinks that animals don’t have emotions, show them this picture. Picture taken by hoschie on Deviantart More

  • Happy Valentine’s Day From Lux & Tinsel

    Lux and Tinsel are back, and they want to wish you a very happy Pugentine’s Day! Submitter Brittany says: Hey again! Just wanted to show you guys some photos of Lux and Tinsel in their new Valentines Day attire 🙂 They are feeling rather pugalicious and beautiful. -Brittany More

  • No Meer Infatuation

    Meerkats and squirrels, nature’s star-crossed lovers. This magical moment happened in Finland, in front of God and everybody. More

  • Marnie the Parakeet Loves His Stuffed Bunny

    We’ve seen some cute birds before — oh boy, have we ever — but we don’t think we’ve ever seen a bird with a sunnier, more delightful disposition than Marnie here, who is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet with a heart of gold. More

  • First Date Jitters

    “I sure hope she likes this flower I picked for her. Hope it doesn’t come off as too old fashioned. Did I put too much hair product in my tail?…” More

  • Tiger Love

    “Honey, please, the Bengals are playing the Jaguars.” More

  • Two Lovebirds on a Branch

    Aww she is resting her head on her man’s big feathery chest. Or the other way around, I’m not really an expert in bird genders. EDIT: Yep, it’s the other way around after all it seems, these are Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu finches, and only the males have the red cheek patches. More