Tag: Koalas

  • Koala Covered In Prickles Gets Saved By A Kind Man With A Brush

    There’s nothing worse than an itch that you just can’t scratch. But fortunately for this prickle-covered koala, a man with a hairbrush was on hand to help. One December morning, Bruce Atkinson was on his way out the door to get breakfast. Standing on his front porch, he noticed a disheveled koala bear approaching him, […] More

  • Baby Koala Wrapped in a Towel

    We’re told this is a picture of a baby koala, but to be honest it could just as likely be a picture of Albert Einstein. More

  • A Handful of Koala Cuteness

    It really should be illegal to be that cute. But luckily for us, Koalas don’t listen to silly laws. Meet the as-yet-unnamed joey Koala, one of a whopping 11 baby Koalas at Australia’s Dreamworld’s Wildlife Experience who are getting close to emerging from their mother’s pouches . They will be the latest additions to the Koala colony […] More

  • Koala Flaps its Ears After Getting Tickled

    We here at TCS have some very special high tech audio equipment that can isolate what the koala is saying. We ran this video through it and this is what we got: “That woman really annoys me… Must… Activate… Ears… To fly away…” Video was filmed at Featherdale in Sydney, Australia More

  • Baby Animal Photo Collection #1 (7 Pictures)

    Everyone knows that the baby version of something is always that much cuter, which is why we are regularly going to be making these little compilation galleries of cute baby animals doing what they do best, being cute and adorable. Anyways, check out our part 1 of what we hope to make into a regular series […] More

  • Koala Cools Off

    The following images should prove once and for all that Koalas are in fact NOT part Gremlin More