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  • Four Adorable Kittens Abandoned In The Snow Get Rescued By A Kind Stranger

    Some kittens could have been frozen to death if it wasn’t for the kindness of a stranger. A good Samaritan spotted four kittens in a box on the street during a snowstorm and brought them in to the Cleveland Animal Protective League for help. A worker at the shelter estimates they’re only about 6 weeks-old […] More

  • Little Girl Gets Surprised With A Stealthy Ninja Cat For Christmas

    It was Christmas morning and this little girl had opened up all her presents. But while she was busy playing with one of the toys she got, her parents walked into the room with a big box and told her they had one more surprise present for her. Excited to find out what it was, […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Instantly Falls In Love With A Kitten

    Introductions are almost always awkward. No matter how many times we practice in a mirror, there’s just no avoiding that embarrassing first impression. Luckily, these two cuties have the sweetest, fuzziest faces to distract from any difficulties. Just watch how gentle and sweet the puppy is to her new kitten friend. Giving her adorable little […] More

  • Kittens And Dogs Relaxing By The Fire React To Owner’s Dinner Call

    These six furry friends were in total bliss as they slept in front of the fireplace. Now watch as they all jump up with excitement and come running as their mom lets then know it’s dinner time. It’s too adorable! All mom has to do is say one word and the cuddle session ceases to […] More

  • This Cute Kitten Video Might Just Be The Best Thing Ever

    One adorable little kitten just wanted to take a nap, but his siblings had other plans! This is pretty much how all sibling fights start out. Non-serious, joking around and being nice to each other. But then someone takes it up a notch and all hell breaks loose. I just love when mama cat turns up. […] More

  • Mother Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet An Old Friend

    When this mama cat introduced her kittens to an old doggy friend, the cutest thing happened. The trust that the cat shows in the dog is just remarkable. What an incredibly beautiful thing to witness! More

  • Family Saves A Miracle Kitten Found Frozen Stiff

    A nearly dead kitten found frozen stiff in the snow on Thanksgiving day was rescued thanks to a quick thinking family. Branden Bingham took his children out to play in the snow when his son tripped over a lifeless kitten. Branden’s brother scooped up the freezing kitten and sprang into action. He spent an hour […] More

  • Sneaky Kitten Pounces On Doggy Friend

    Anyone who owns a cat, knows they like to have fun their own way, something this dog just found out about! The sneaky ninja kitten fights to its strengths and pounces and jumps all over the fearless dog. But don’t worry, this is one pup who doesn’t mind and can hold his own during a play fight. More