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  • Queen’s Guard Melts Hearts By Making One Boy’s Birthday Dream Come True

    For his 4th birthday, Marshall’s mom took him to see the changing of the Queen’s Guard ceremony outside Windsor Castle. But no one expected what would happen when one of the guards spotted the little boy in his replica uniform. Marhsall and his mom, Imogen, were watching the Queen’s Coldstream guards march through the castle […] More

  • Boy Who Can’t Speak Forms Incredible Bond With A Deaf Dog Through Sign Language

    Sometimes in life, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find your soulmate. And for one little boy, that is exactly what happened. 6-year-old Connor Guillet is nonverbal due to a genetic disorder, but he does know how to communicate using sign language. A few weeks ago, his mom Brandi attended an event for boxer dogs that […] More

  • Cute Little Baby Girl Has An Amazing Reaction To Seeing Her First Snow

    For many people, snow is an inconvenience. It messes up the roads and makes it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is horrible. It’s all just part of one big headache. But at the same time, snow is one of the most beautiful things imaginable, and pretty […] More

  • Baby In A Lion Costume Comes Face To Face With A Real Lion

    These adorable pictures show the moment a toddler dressed up in a lion costume meets a real life lion, through the safety of a thick window, of course. The aww-dorable scene was captured at Zoo Atlanta. The toddler’s godfather, Cami Fanning, posted a video of the meeting on YouTube and it went viral. He writes: “My […] More

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    Little Girl Breaks Down In Tears Over A Christmas Puppy Surprise

    For years, Daisy’s biggest wish was for a puppy. The little girl liked to imagine that her stuffed dog, Luna, was a real puppy. Well, little did she know that her biggest Christmas wish was about to come true when her parents asked her to shut her eyes while holding her teddy. Her reaction after opening […] More

  • Adopted Rescue Dog Helps Autistic Boy In An Incredible Way

    The Hickey family knew something was different about their son Jonny and were advised to have evaluations. Their boy was diagnosed with autism. It was a difficult time for the entire family. But everything changed when the mother saw a news story about a neglected and abused dog named Xena. She followed the dog’s progress […] More

  • Cute 2 Year Old Girl Sings Adele

    First of all, she’s got talent. Add to that the fact that she’s adorable and happy tears everywhere will be shed. Hello guys! My 2 year old daughter Makena loves Adele and sings along! Makena, have your people call my people! More

  • Little Inuit Girl

    I love how everything is traditional except the little modern pacifier. More