Tag: Japan

  • Dog Gradually Lowers the Volume of its Barks

    Rough translation: Mame! (dog’s name) – That’s what you did, huh? – Is that right? – Can you do it a little smaller? – Make it tiny, tiny, tiny? – Now, cute. So maybe what’s more impressive here is that this dog is apparently fluent in Japanese. More

  • Capybaras Enjoy a Spa

    Oh right, so that’s their secret to that youthful and wrinkle-free complexion they have. More

  • Bunny Eats a Banana

    So, let’s be honest with each other about this video. On one hand, there’s a super cute bunny eating a banana. Being all cute and stuff. But on the other hand the Japanese woman talking baby talk to it might just make your ears bleed a little. You’ve been warned. More

  • Squirrel Eats a Cheesecake

    Hyouta here is a very lucky squirrel. I mean, no one ever brings me any cheesecake. But now that he has the taste for tasty cheesecake he would be nuts to go back to his old diet. More

  • Magician Cat Turns Into an Elephant

    Darn these Japanese cats and their magic! Tell me your witchcraft secrets! EDIT: No people, the cat is not dead in the end of the video thankfully. The video was shot at a veterinarian’s clinic, and kitty is just under an anesthetic in the last frame due to nasal problems. More

  • Old Japanese Lady Takes Care of a Sushi Eating Owl

    In 1991, a baby owl fell out of its nest and into the life of Mrs. Toyoko. Since then, she’s been caring for the nocturnal cutie by preparing its meals (he really likes sushi) and by providing the wayward critter a safe haven. Mrs. Toyoko is now seventy-nine and credits her good health to looking […] More

  • Red Pandas Make Terrible Roommates

    Not shown in this video: They always leave the toilet seat up, never take out the trash, always lose the TV remote and never pay rent on time. But all is forgiven since they are super cute. More