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  • Hilarious Husky Puppy Can’t Sit Still During Dinner Time

    Siberian Huskies Dash & Kitana are new parents who are loving every second of raising their puppies…but like in any other family, there’s always that one kid who can’t sit still during dinner. While Kitana was breastfeeding their babies, one of them wouldn’t stop playing with mom’s tail. It’s as adorable as it is funny! […] More

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    Huskies Argue Over Who Made The Mess On The Floor When Confronted By Dad

    One of my favorite things about the Siberian Husky breed is how talkative they are. It’s just an amazing trait that you can’t find in a lot of other dogs. When Dakota and Phoenix were confronted by their dad about a torn up letter lying all over the floor the two did something hilarious. Naturally, […] More

  • Adorable Husky Puppy Tries To Argue Her Way Out Of Taking A Bath

    Bath time: a touchy topic for toddlers worldwide. It’s a dividing issue for that demographic: Is bath time good? Or is bath time evil? There are pros and cons for both sides, of course, like it gets you fresh and clean, but it also gets you wet; you have to get naked, but, then again, […] More

  • This Hilarious Husky Really Loves A Good Head Massage

    Huskies might love the bitter cold, but as you can see in this adorable video, they love a good head massage too! Just watch as Yaris, a 10-year-old Siberian husky from Thailand, receives the best head massage from her owner. I love her hysterical face after the tongue is placed back in her mouth, “Oh was it hanging out again? Warblgarrble!”. More

  • Mommy Husky With Her Babies

    I’m sure they are all adorable but that one at the bottom left is planning something, and the one under mother’s head is in on it. More

  • Growing Up, a Tale of Three Dogs

    Clearly this Cocker Spaniel is a mastermind playing the long game – train ’em up when they’re cute and cuddly and eventually… two loyal bodyguards! “I’m SOOO tired. These things will be the death of me. Why? Why master? Was I not enough? I need a nap.” “Yikes! These two could beat me up anytime. Show no weakness. […] More