Tag: Horses

  • Driver Saves A Frightened Baby Horse And Reunites It With Mom

    Driving down a road, a motorist saw a baby horse running around aimlessly in the middle of the rural road. The little guy was either abandoned or lost, but the man couldn’t tell what had happened. Where was his mother? How did he get here? As he pulled up to the baby, though, the poor […] More

  • Neglected Carriage Horse Is Overjoyed To Roll Around In The Grass

    This beautiful horse is called Bobby II. He’s a former New York City carriage horse who was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Carriage horses usually live in unnatural conditions and suffer from neglect and abuse before they are no longer of use and shipped off to a slaughterhouse. Here you see Bobby on grass for the […] More

  • Always Use a Conditioner on That Glorious Mane

    Revolutionary pony, Trotsky, stands in a field, envisioning the rise of the foaletariat. We recently realized we really don’t have all that many pictures of horses or ponies in our Cute Archives, so we were quite happy when we got this submission of a Shetland pony from Lucy L. Thanks Lucy! More

  • Meet Cupido, a Tinie Tiny Horse

    Three year old Cupido was born in Norway and is an American miniature horse who just so happens to have dwarfism too, making him that extra bit tinier. Personally I would ride it proudly into battle with my Viking helmet and my sword by my side. More