Tag: Golden Retriever

  • Adorable Golden Retriever Welcomes Military Mom Home With A Huge Hug

    The bond between human and dog is simply incredible, and this reunion between a Marine and her Golden Retriever is just a little more proof of that. Oshie had been missing his mom so much while she was off in Norway on a training mission. So when she finally came home, Dad grabbed his camera […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Instantly Falls In Love With A Kitten

    Introductions are almost always awkward. No matter how many times we practice in a mirror, there’s just no avoiding that embarrassing first impression. Luckily, these two cuties have the sweetest, fuzziest faces to distract from any difficulties. Just watch how gentle and sweet the puppy is to her new kitten friend. Giving her adorable little […] More

  • Cute Puppy Can’t Figure Out How His Mom Went Down The Stairs

    This adorable golden retriever puppy and his mom were chilling at the top of the stairs when she hopped up and trotted right down the stairs. Well, apparently the little guy hasn’t quite mastered the stairs yet… Seeing his hilarious reaction to mom walking down the stairs so easily will crack you up! You can […] More

  • Super Cute Golden Retriever Puppies Swim For The First Time

    Tiffany Emig, the owner of Enchanted Retrievers, took nine English cream Golden Retriever puppies for their first swim at the Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas, when they were just five-weeks-old. The water will undoubtedly be intimidating for puppies at that age. But, as this video shows, the pups rose to the challenge and dived into […] More

  • Baby Tries To Get Bone From Golden Retriever

    Babies and dogs are extremely cute together, but it’s certainly recommended that you always exercise extreme caution in situations like this. This dog is very gentle and highly trained but all dogs have their own personalities. That being said, it sure looks like this adorable little baby has an amazing friend and quite the bodyguard […] More

  • Worried Golden Retriever Rescues Her Favourite Teddy Bear

    This cute Golden Retriever is besotted with her teddy bear. To see just how much she loves her favorite toy, her owners setup a little sting operation to see if they could catch her on camera stealing it out of the washing machine… More

  • Casper the Dog Loves a Good Bath

    As long as a belly rub is involved, Casper the dog is ready for his bath. Well we are told he’s a dog, but we can’t rule out the possibility that he is actually a polar bear. More

  • A Grin From Ear to Ear

    Life getting you down? The economy making you sad? Got a hangnail, thorn in your side, pain in your butt? Just look at this smile and if it doesn’t cheer you up than you really need psychiatric help! Picture by Steve O on Flickr. More