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  • Adorable Baby Giraffe Runs Around Outside For The First Time

    Murchison is the newest resident of the Chester Zoo in the U.K. He’s named after the region in Uganda where the largest remaining population of Rothschild giraffes lives. The zoo says there are less than 1,600 remaining in the wild, making them one of the world’s most endangered mammals. Conservationists are hoping to bring awareness […] More

  • So That’s How You Weigh a Baby Giraffe

    Let’s see him try that with a baby elephant… Heck, let’s see him try that with this dog! WEIGHT BLOOMER A worker holds a new-born giraffe as it is weighed for the first time at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Virgina. (Photo: The Virginia Sun via the AP / The Telegraph) More

  • Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy 2011 everyone! This youngster’s not quite old enough to ring in the New Year with champagne, but he’s definitely young enough for some milk. We’ve been very busy over the Holidays thus the lack of your daily cute updates. Now that the new year is here you can expect a bucket load of cute […] More

  • Baby Animal Photo Collection #1 (7 Pictures)

    Everyone knows that the baby version of something is always that much cuter, which is why we are regularly going to be making these little compilation galleries of cute baby animals doing what they do best, being cute and adorable. Anyways, check out our part 1 of what we hope to make into a regular series […] More