Tag: Games

  • Cat is Awesome at “Guess Which Hand?”

    If there ever was a cat to bring to a casino…well then it wouldn’t be this one, since casinos don’t have his game. But if kitty knows blackjack… My friend’s cat is trained to eye which hand the treat is in, AWESOME cat, excellent to watch. More

  • The Maru Box Tournament

    Which box will win the battle for the #1 spot in Maru’s heart. Will it be Small Box, Smaller Box, Thin Box, or Slim Box. While it starts off slow, the final round is a nail biter! More

  • Kitten Plays Duck Hunt

    Claire, a 3 month old ragdoll kitten attacks a tv screen relentlessly in attempt to take down the ducks. Now her dreams will be haunted by that laughing dog 🙁 More