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  • Adorable Little Puppy Gets Into An Epic Battle With A Door Stop

    While exploring the house one day, Mango the Cavachon puppy stumbled onto a worthy adversary that he hadn’t spotted before on his adventures…a door stopper! To you and me it might seen like a simple innovation, designed to stop doors from slamming into walls, but Mango had never seen such a relentless foe before. No […] More

  • This Pug Gets Super Excited Once He Realizes Where His Owner Has Taken Him

    Dogs are great at identifying words and associating them with people, places, and things. That’s how they’re able to learn their name, how to sit, and perform other tricks. When a person says certain key words, their canine companion can usually react accordingly. When this Captain the pug found out that he was going to […] More

  • Hilarious Husky Puppy Can’t Sit Still During Dinner Time

    Siberian Huskies Dash & Kitana are new parents who are loving every second of raising their puppies…but like in any other family, there’s always that one kid who can’t sit still during dinner. While Kitana was breastfeeding their babies, one of them wouldn’t stop playing with mom’s tail. It’s as adorable as it is funny! […] More

  • Gibbons Hilariously Freak Out When They See A Cute Hedgehog Crawling Towards Them

    Have you ever seen a creature and immediately said, “OMG! What is that thing?” You most likely answered yes, given how many strange and odd creatures there are on this big, beautiful planet of ours. Well, us humans aren’t the only ones that feel that way! These two gibbons were absolutely baffled by a small […] More

  • Dad And Baby Pair Up For A Hilarious ‘O Holy Night’ Lip Dub

    Performing a soothing rendition of a ‘O Holy Night’ at just one month old, this baby seems to have a singing ability far beyond his years. His pitch-perfect rendition of the famous Christmas carol before going to bed will win your heart. Admittedly though, the precious little baby does get a little help from his father, Andrew Killingsworth, […] More

  • Hilarious Dog Takes Multiple Slides Down A Snow Covered Hill

    Fingal here is a Maremma/Pyrenees sheep dog guardian who loves nothing more than snow and winter. Here is taking advantage of the last days of winter (this was filmed in May). The snow was almost gone, but that didn’t stop him from taking multiple slides down the snow-covered hill. Now that’s the good life! Dogs […] More

  • This Dog’s Confused Reaction To Her Own Farts Is Hilarious

    Lucy the 7-month-old white German Shepherd was having a particularly stinky day. She’d been farting non stop and her owner noticed she always had the same dumbfounded reaction to her gas. Her owner decided to film the hilarity, and she was lucky enough to capture this adorable video. What a lady Lucy is! We all […] More

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    Corgi Caught Digging Holes In The Yard Tries Her Best To Hide Her Shame

    Lexi the corgi knows what she did, but as much as she tries to hide her guilt, her terrible regret to being caught digging holes in the yard is clearly showing. Lexi, however, is just SO CUTE and irresistible, that there’s no way on Earth I could ever stay mad at her. But her Dad […] More

  • Hysterical Puppy Can’t Get To The Bone At The Bottom Of His Bowl

    When this adorable little puppy got a new water bowl, his mom decided to film his hysterical reaction to the black, printed-on bone at the bottom of the water bowl. When the little pup notices the fake bone he does his very best to try to reach it, dunking his head and paws into the water. […] More

  • Watch As This Sweet Baby Moose Plays With A Sprinkler

    There’s nothing quite like spending a warm summer’s day running around the sprinkler, and it’s not just humans that would agree with that statement. Apparently this baby moose is a huge fan of sprinklers too! “I meant to do that!” I’m sure the homeowners had just as much fun watching this cutie play from their […] More