Tag: Foxes

  • Fox Interacts With Two House Cats

    When a wild fox approached a window the two house cats sitting insight just looked at him, as if it were a scene straight out of a Disney movie. An incredibly magical moment! More

  • If I Fits, I Sits

    It’s obvious that’s where he’s stashing all of his stolen apple cider and chickens. More

  • The Weirdest Gathering of Animals Ever

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one… An eagle, a fox, and two cats were chilling on a porch… First of all just let me explain the hot water heater! My hot water heater leaked and flooded my kitchen and so I just went through getting it replaced. We have had so much snow (it’s […] More

  • A Handful of Fennec Fox

    I just want to carry one of those around, everywhere I go: work, grocery store, beach… humm actually those are all the places I go. More

  • Bat-Eared Fox Kits Are Adorable

    And by kits we obviously mean baby foxes, not some kit you’d buy through an infomercial. “But wait! There’s more! Order now and we’ll send you TWO bat-eared fox kits for the price of one! Separate shipping and handling prices apply. (Some assembly required. Squee not included.) 5 Bat-eared Fox kits were born to mother Singer & […] More

  • Fennec Fox Dries Off After a Bath

    This is Scout the Fennec Fox, and he needs a towel, ASAP! Before he builds up so much static charge that he’ll zap the next person who pets him. More