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    These Are The Cutest Halloween Pumpkins You’ll Ever See

    There is a strong connection between pumpkins and Halloween as we always celebrate this normally spooky holiday by carving and bringing pumpkins to our homes. It’s become one of the basic traditions for celebrating Halloween, but while it’s the norm to make your pumpkins as scary as possible, we think cute pumpkins deserve their moment […] More

  • Seriously? For Me?!

    To show his appreciation this cheerful raccoon will be bringing his friends to trifle through the garden and garbage every morning. Although this particular picture is cute and all, please don’t go around feeding a raccoon like that! We can’t stress this enough. More

  • “Please Sir, I Want Some More”

    This dainty kitty begging for food starts off adorable, and then becomes brain-meltingly awesome with the arm flappage… but soon after it just becomes increasingly sad that nobody is feeding the kitty. That cat can have anything it wants… anything! Now! More