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  • We Can All Learn From This Responsible Dog Breaking Up A Fight

    It’s a fact of life growing up in the same house: Siblings will always find new ways to get on each other’s nerves. But when things begin to get a little too intense, you can always count on the oldest sibling of the family to put everyone in their place and calm things down! Two […] More

  • Newfoundland Plays Dead To Avoid His Tiny Angry Friend

    Boomer the gigantic Newfoundland knows to just leave little Lady alone when she’s in a bad mood. Watch his face as he masterfully “plays dead” after she starts expressing her rage out of the blue. The best part: It totally works! More

  • Chill Bro…Chill

    It’s the same thing every week. All they do is work out every day, tan until they’re practically orange, then go out to the clubs. They always end up getting wasted, Fluffy ends up getting in a fight, and Mr. Whiskers has to step in and break it up. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand how […] More

  • Tortoise VS Curtain

    When a kitten bats at the curtains, it’s adorable. When a tortoise does it, it’s a little bit awkward. But my money’s still on the tortoise to win this fight. More

  • Kitty Fights the Mirror Cat

    This video is one part existential battle, and one part not understanding how mirrors work. But to be fair, the other cat was egging him on. More