Tag: Eating

  • This Dachshund Puppy Snacking On A Healthy Banana Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    This insanely cute and tiny Dachshund puppy was in the need for a little snack, and being the health conscious little pup he is, he of course went for a banana! Seeing this precious dog eat his fruit is just what my day needed! Just look at him go. How adorable! I was planning to […] More

  • Adorable Guinea Pigs Recreate The Lady And The Tramp Kiss

    Just about everyone’s favorite scene from the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp is the beautiful moment when Lady and Tramp share their romantic spaghetti meal together. The two adorable guinea pigs in this cute little video seem to be emulating that exact scene. The two are munching down a particularly tasty looking vegetable, and as […] More

  • Pardon Me, Would You Have Any Grey Poupon?

    I do say, the service at this establishment is dreadfully slow. I ordered a good half an hour ago and am yet to even receive an appetizer. Stephanie & Kathleen Strunk sent in this picture of their 9 year old pup Zacq, along with this little fact: Fun Fact – Zacq is a show dog and […] More

  • Kevin the Tortoise VS the Tomato

    It would appear Kevin here had a few too many drinks this Christmas… Kevin, our baby sulcata tortoise, has terrible depth perception. Sorry for the shaking; I was laughing. I’m a bad mom. More

  • Bella the Dog Eating in Her Special Chair

    Meet Bella, who has her very own little throne where she eats all her meals from. This is our cute dog Bella. She was diagnosed with congenital megaesophagus soon after we found her at 4 months old. Megaesophagus means that her esophagus is enlarged and lacks the muscle mobility to swallow food while horizontal. This […] More

  • Teddy Bear the Porcupine Doesn’t Like to Share

    Totally unacceptable. A gentleman eats corn on the cob like a typewriter. He’s eating it round the diameter. Shocking display… But we’ll let it slide this time due to the adorable sounds Teddy is making. Zooniversity’s North American porcupine, “Teddy Bear,” gets a cob of corn for a treat — but, he doesn’t like to […] More

  • All Done!

    Just imagine eating your supper out of a bowl so big you could fit inside it. Would take one heck of an appetite. More