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  • Now let me just open your mouth to take a look at your heart...

    This Dog Has Got a Taste for Love

    The owner of this dog first noticed the heart shape in the roof of its mouth when the pupster yawned after sleeping in this position, so please don’t all go jamming your fingers into your dog’s mouth to check if he or she has the same! On a different note; step aside Crocs! Fluffy moldy […] More

  • English Bulldog puppies learning to walk for the first time.

    English Bulldog Puppies Walk For The First Time

    Well here is something that will definitely get you through the rest of the week; tiny, cute English Bulldog puppies learning to walk for the very first time. The squeaking and baby fat rolls are also an added adorable bonus. Our thanks to Scott & Shannon Lathrop at SuburbanBullies for the video. More

  • Everyone loves brunch.

    Pardon Me, Would You Have Any Grey Poupon?

    I do say, the service at this establishment is dreadfully slow. I ordered a good half an hour ago and am yet to even receive an appetizer. Stephanie & Kathleen Strunk sent in this picture of their 9 year old pup Zacq, along with this little fact: Fun Fact – Zacq is a show dog and […] More

  • Walking The Dogs, All 42 Of Them

    42 Saint Bernards Out For A Walk

    That forest is now drenched in drool. Keeps it lush. Out for a walk with our 42 Saint Bernards. Lasquite’s reg Saint Bernards on Lasqueti Island Canada. For more info please visit my website. More

  • jiff_the_pom_super_bowl_01

    Jiff the Pom is Ready for the Big Game

    We’re all getting pretty excited for Sunday’s big game, when the Giants take on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. But nobody seems to be quite as excited as Jiff. Here he is wearing his gear: And of course, you can’t have a Super Bowl party without good friends, so here are Jiff and his friends getting […] More