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  • Adorable Little Puppy Gets Into An Epic Battle With A Door Stop

    While exploring the house one day, Mango the Cavachon puppy stumbled onto a worthy adversary that he hadn’t spotted before on his adventures…a door stopper! To you and me it might seen like a simple innovation, designed to stop doors from slamming into walls, but Mango had never seen such a relentless foe before. No […] More

  • Dog Gives The Greatest Piano Performance You’ll Ever See

    There are some people who sit down at a piano, and you can just tell that they’re about to do something out of this world. It’s the way they hold themselves…the way they regard their instrument as an extended part of themselves… This tiny pooch is definitely one of those musicians. Look at him go! […] More

  • Cute Compilation Video Of Happy Dogs Playing In The Snow

    It’s winter time and while most of us are dying to stay bundled up under the covers with hot chocolate near the heater, we all know that no one loves winter as much as our dogs. I have had many dogs that range from big to small, fluffy to short hair, and there was not […] More

  • Adorable Golden Retriever Welcomes Military Mom Home With A Huge Hug

    The bond between human and dog is simply incredible, and this reunion between a Marine and her Golden Retriever is just a little more proof of that. Oshie had been missing his mom so much while she was off in Norway on a training mission. So when she finally came home, Dad grabbed his camera […] More

  • This Dachshund Puppy Snacking On A Healthy Banana Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    This insanely cute and tiny Dachshund puppy was in the need for a little snack, and being the health conscious little pup he is, he of course went for a banana! Seeing this precious dog eat his fruit is just what my day needed! Just look at him go. How adorable! I was planning to […] More

  • 6-Year-Old Dog Whisperer Rescues Dog Who No One Else Could Get Close To

    Anyone who has a dog knows that, while they are loving and gentle creatures, they can sense who they can and can’t trust. They seem to have a sixth sense, and immediately take to people who will care and love them, but immediately reject anyone who will cause them harm. One foster dog needed a […] More

  • Boy Who Can’t Speak Forms Incredible Bond With A Deaf Dog Through Sign Language

    Sometimes in life, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find your soulmate. And for one little boy, that is exactly what happened. 6-year-old Connor Guillet is nonverbal due to a genetic disorder, but he does know how to communicate using sign language. A few weeks ago, his mom Brandi attended an event for boxer dogs that […] More

  • This Pug Gets Super Excited Once He Realizes Where His Owner Has Taken Him

    Dogs are great at identifying words and associating them with people, places, and things. That’s how they’re able to learn their name, how to sit, and perform other tricks. When a person says certain key words, their canine companion can usually react accordingly. When this Captain the pug found out that he was going to […] More

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    Incredibly Cute Before And After Photos Of Dogs Being Told They Are Good Boys

    Every dog I’ve ever met loves being told that he/she is a “good boy” or “good girl”. Recently, pet owners around the world started taking pictures of their pets, before being called a “good boy” and a second after. The evidence in these photos proves that all dogs absolutely LOVE it, but some other furry animals […] More