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  • This Dachshund Puppy Snacking On A Healthy Banana Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    This insanely cute and tiny Dachshund puppy was in the need for a little snack, and being the health conscious little pup he is, he of course went for a banana! Seeing this precious dog eat his fruit is just what my day needed! Just look at him go. How adorable! I was planning to […] More

  • Brrrr! This White Thing on My Nose is COLD!

    Alayna writes to us: This is my miniature dachshund, Pocket, during a snowstorm in January. She was only 4 months old and the snow was a foot higher than she was! Insanely cute. We know that look! That’s the famous “Oh I’m just a little baby, poor me, you have to do what ever I […] More

  • Who is That Good Looking Dog Behind Me?

    This is Honey the Dachshund, who will stand up for treats and/or attention. Doxieone writes: I converted the bedroom into a ‘nursery’ for our new grandchild – I painted the whole room using Beatrix Potter figures with the exception of Honey. I added her at the very last, and put her behind the door, usually […] More

  • Coco & Guinness are Ready for Halloween

    Grace C. sent in these two pictures of her dog, Coco the (sheep) dog, and her brother’s dog, Guiness the (hot) dog. I can easily see these two amassing a mountain of noms as they go trick-or-treating. Coco, 7 years old Toy Poodle, commonly mistaken for a lamb or Snuggles bear. Guinness, 11 years old Dachshund. […] More