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    These Are The Cutest Halloween Pumpkins You’ll Ever See

    There is a strong connection between pumpkins and Halloween as we always celebrate this normally spooky holiday by carving and bringing pumpkins to our homes. It’s become one of the basic traditions for celebrating Halloween, but while it’s the norm to make your pumpkins as scary as possible, we think cute pumpkins deserve their moment […] More

  • Brownies With Strawberry Santa Hats

    If these showed up in the break room here in the office, I would eat ALL of them and feel just fine about it. You can find the recipe right here. More

  • Turtle Bread

    I… I can’t eat anything THAT smiley and adorable. I just want to feed it little turtle snacks. More

  • The iSandwich

    Mmmmm. Now this is the kind of sandwich technology I can get really excited about. Besides it’s probably more useful than an iPad. For more on the iSandwich 4G go here: http://isandwich4g.blogspot.com/ More

  • Tiger Muffins

    Don’t let the title fool you, this post is not about Tiger Woods or his ongoing sex scandal, instead it’s just about super cute corn muffins with tiger faces on them More