Tag: Cute & Cool

  • Meet Delmar, the Sitting Dog

    What has this World come to now that dogs are imitating art which is imitating dogs imitating people. Source: Megan Ganz on Twitter, writer for NBC’s Community. More

  • Tie Wearing Cat Plays the Keyboard

    The cat playing a keyboard that only makes meow sounds = WIN. The cat’s mustache (or cat-stache, if you will) = DOUBLE WIN. The tie and collar = EPIC WIN. Cats appear to possess a keen sense of hearing. They are particularly aware of and respond to the meows of other cats. After noticing a […] More

  • And Now, a Cat Wearing a Scarf

    Ashley B. sent us this picture of her cat Sweet Peach Hendrix wearing a trendy little scarf. Sweet Peach is clearly in touch with her artistic side, what with all that Salvador Dalí stuff behind her. Thanks to Ashley B. and of course Sweet Peach Hendrix. More

  • Boo is Ready for Summer

    Boo is like a harmonious mix of fierceness, funkiness and fabulousness… oh and cuteness too obviously. You can find Boo on his FaceBook page. More