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Monkey Business in the Snow

December 17th, 2010 No comments

I say we give all the little monkeys snowballs to throw around… the poop alternative isn’t quite as adorable.

It’s Never Too Cold to Smile

December 15th, 2010 1 comment

This cute little thing right here is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, but since we think that name is way too long for something so tiny we shall call it a tree bunny!

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel in snow

Man Saves a Kitten From Freezing to Death

November 9th, 2010 23 comments

We got this story sent to us today and we just had to post it with the pictures, if this doesn’t brighten up your day then nothing will.

Friday night it was <20 degrees, and when I took the dog outside I heard crying. Found this tiny ball barely moving, laying on it’s side slowly moving it’s legs and it’s mouth barely able to open…basically freezing to death. Another 10 minutes and the kitten probably would’ve been dead.

Brought him inside and wrapped him in a towel/heating pad, fed him warm sugar water, and eventually when he would take it milk. His mouth was frozen solid, tongue frozen to the top of his mouth and his fur had frost in it. I was expecting him to die the whole night. Took about 4 hours of warming up for him to take some milk, when he was showing signs of life and falling asleep put him in a box with the heating pad and left him overnight.

When morning came around he was acting just like a kitten, playful, happy, mewing, and eating. He’s about 5 weeks old (checking teeth) and I knew a vet assistant that adopted him the next day (he needed 24 hour care, more than my wife and I can do right now). This happened Friday and so far he’s alive and well, and eating more and more. I’m so happy.

Hero of the day is Groots on The animal world will sing his name tonight.

Again thanks to Groots on

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