Tag: Clumsy

  • Adorable Little Elephant Falls Over While Chasing Birds

      An employee at the Borås zoo in Sweden was filming an adorable little elephant calf playing around and chasing after some birds when the poor little cutie took a stumble in the grass. The baby elephant is named Chindi and according to the zoo the clumsy little guy is full of energy and loves […] More

  • This Compilation Of Cats Trying To Walk In Socks Is Hilariously Cute

    Cats are one of the great joys in life, which is why the internet loves them so much. You may have seen every funny cat video out there from kittens chasing lasers to excitable balls of fluffs annoying their dog friends, but unless you’ve seen cats trying to walk around while wearing socks, you haven’t truly lived. […] More

  • March of the Penguins

    They are like little well dressed tourists, just walking around and checking out the scenes, completely unaware of their surroundings… “doop de doo… this place looks ooookkaaaayyyy…” *CRASH* More

  • Poor Turtle Can’t Catch a Break

    Aww, that poor little turtle can’t get on top of a floating log to sunbathe. Guess that’s what he gets for not learning about weight distribution and buoyancy. More