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  • Excited Dog Unwraps A Christmas Present To Find His Owner Inside

    For most dog owners, their pups are as entitled to a Christmas present as any member of the family. But this happy little dog was treated to a gift more exciting than a squeaky toy or a bone to chew. Trouble, a white Bolognese, was filmed as he came sniffing into the living room on Christmas […] More

  • Little Girl Gets Surprised With A Stealthy Ninja Cat For Christmas

    It was Christmas morning and this little girl had opened up all her presents. But while she was busy playing with one of the toys she got, her parents walked into the room with a big box and told her they had one more surprise present for her. Excited to find out what it was, […] More

  • Homeless Dogs Get The Best Surprise For Christmas – A Christmas Party With Santa!

    Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organization based in Romania, has rescued countless of dogs and cats off the streets, as well as hundreds of animals from high-kill shelters. While the pups are at their new shelter awaiting their adoptive families and forever homes, the staff decided to surprise them with something paw-mazing for Christmas! They […] More

  • Dad And Baby Pair Up For A Hilarious ‘O Holy Night’ Lip Dub

    Performing a soothing rendition of a ‘O Holy Night’ at just one month old, this baby seems to have a singing ability far beyond his years. His pitch-perfect rendition of the famous Christmas carol before going to bed will win your heart. Admittedly though, the precious little baby does get a little help from his father, Andrew Killingsworth, […] More

  • Mom Turns Baby Daughter Into A Cute Elf On The Shelf

    At only 9 months old, Esme Cope is too young to understand the magical concept behind the famous ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Christmas decoration and toy. Instead, her parents decided to make her an elf and post a photo of the their daughter in a new location every day. Her Mother Gabi Cope, who is a […] More

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    Little Girl Breaks Down In Tears Over A Christmas Puppy Surprise

    For years, Daisy’s biggest wish was for a puppy. The little girl liked to imagine that her stuffed dog, Luna, was a real puppy. Well, little did she know that her biggest Christmas wish was about to come true when her parents asked her to shut her eyes while holding her teddy. Her reaction after opening […] More

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    17 Amazing Photos Of Babies Celebrating Their First Ever Christmas

    Christmas is such a magical time of the year for millions of people around the world, but it’s an extra special time for children. The excitement of anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting things any kid can experience, and even though none of the tiny tots in […] More

  • Every Christmas, This Photographer Makes Stunning Holiday Cards Starring His Dog

    Peter Thorpe is a photographer based in Bristol U.K. who started a great little Christmas tradition 20 years ago. For his annual holiday card, he began using the most unlikely of models, his dogs. For the yearly, festive cards, he transforms his dog into various Christmas scenes, often dressing his pup up as different animals. He started […] More

  • 16 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

    When the holiday season rolls around, so do holiday parties. And you know what that means, right? Silly/ugly Christmas sweaters! Christmas sweaters are notorious for being itchy, scratchy and just generally horrible. They’re also famous for being rather uncomfortable and quite horrendous. But that’s kinda what makes them so much fun! Well. Fun for us […] More

  • This Heartwarming Christmas Ad Will Have You Crying Happy Tears

    In the U.S. the best commercials of the year are unveiled during the Super Bowl. But in the U.K., those commercials run during the Christmas season. Hilarious and heartwarming ads are already starting to hit TV screens across the pond, and this year’s ad by Marks & Spencer is already being hailed as the best Christmas ad […] More

  • 28,000 Teddy Bears Get Thrown Onto The Ice During A Hockey Game

    Here’s something to restore your faith in people. Last weekend in Canada, the Calgary Hitmen minor league hockey team held their annual “teddy bear toss” game. In the 2nd period, Jordy Stallard got the first goal of the contest for the home team. Which was the signal for plush toys to be tossed on to the […] More