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  • Henry the Cat and His Canadian Buddy

    Mekhala writes to us: This is my cat Henry. I wish he was hugging something a little bit less Canadian, but hey, adorable is the same in any country. Even Canada. It’s actually a known fact that Canadians are some of the best huggers in the world. So Henry just goes for the best. Thanks […] More

  • Quasimeowdo

    Wait for it…THERE, the Hunch-Cat of Notre-Dame! More

  • Coming Through!

    Cat Law Section 8b, Paragraph 4, clearly states that: If two cats meet on a narrow fence in which there is only room for one cat to travel at a time, the cat going downhill must yield to the cat traveling uphill. The downhill cat should crouch down enough to allow the other cat over; unless it […] More

  • She’s a Fierce Model on the CATwalk!

    From the catwalks of Milan to the cafes of Paris, Daisy the catwalk kitty is there with her fierce glare! That amazing kitten is Daisy, and the amazing photo was captured by BigTallGuy. More

  • Fluffy Scottish Fold Kitten Plays With a Box

    This kitten could very well be the next Maru, if not for its short attention span. “Awesome, a box!!! I’m totally gonna play with this box unti…oh look, something over there!!!” More

  • Cat is Awesome at “Guess Which Hand?”

    If there ever was a cat to bring to a casino…well then it wouldn’t be this one, since casinos don’t have his game. But if kitty knows blackjack… My friend’s cat is trained to eye which hand the treat is in, AWESOME cat, excellent to watch. More