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  • cat_cup_game

    Cat is Awesome at “Guess Which Hand?”

    If there ever was a cat to bring to a casino…well then it wouldn’t be this one, since casinos don’t have his game. But if kitty knows blackjack… My friend’s cat is trained to eye which hand the treat is in, AWESOME cat, excellent to watch. More

  • chubby_cat_door

    How a Chubby Kitty Gets Through a Door

    “Oh, come on now people. You could have told me it was open all along! This better not go online!” This is my cat Leroy’s solution to make it through the door. It is kinda sad but funny as Hell! More

  • Oh he's just a bad apple.

    Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Bananas!

    We got this little picture sent to us anonymously along with this messsage: My cat Steve when he was a kitten. For some reason he let me pile fruit on top of him. Forgot about this photo til now. And everyone loves kittens 🙂 And oranges. We just want to know how have you got your cat […] More

  • Dog & Dog Jr.

    Clone Project X-19 is a SUCCESS!

    We’ve spent many thousands of restless hours in our Cute Laboratories, working away trying to figure out a way to clone our cute little friends. With nothing but coffee to fuel us on. But we’ve finally done it! We’ve successfully managed to make copies of two of our favorite pets, we speak of dogs and cats obviously. Albeit…much, much, smaller copies than […] More

  • Is somebody sleepy? Is *somebody* sleepy?? Is it you? I bet it's you!

    Nothing Cuter Than a Yawning Kitten

    You know how when you see someone yawn, you just have to yawn yourself? Well since we found this picture, it’s been Yawn Central Station over here. Now it’s your turn! More