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  • This Video Of A Snoring Bulldog Puppy Is Too Cute For Words

    I think we finally have it, folks…the cutest video in existence! Watch as this adorable English bulldog puppy takes a nap with his soft piggy friend. What makes an already impossibly cute video even cuter are the puppy’s teeny-tiny snores. This is one of those few times where I actually want to hear snores. Too […] More

  • Rescue Dog Dealing With Anxiety Finds Comfort In A Turtle Costume

    Found in a trash can, and plagued with many medical conditions, Lily, an English bulldog, is extremely timid and carries around a lot of anxiety. She barks at everything, including trash bags, and is never at ease. However, when she puts on the turtle costume, she turns into a different dog. It’s truly amazing to […] More

  • English Bulldog Puppies Walk For The First Time

    Well here is something that will definitely get you through the rest of the week; tiny, cute English Bulldog puppies learning to walk for the very first time. The squeaking and baby fat rolls are also an added adorable bonus. Our thanks to Scott & Shannon Lathrop at SuburbanBullies for the video. More

  • Gus the Bulldog Wants an Indoor Pool

    We wonder if he ended up getting the pool refilled inside? With that kind of dedication he deserves to have a whole in-ground pool installed inside. Our bulldog Gus decided to bring his pool inside!! More

  • Puppy Does Splits for Unamused Cat

    For as long as there have been cats and dogs, there have been fights between cats and dogs. Sometimes the cat starts it by drinking from the dog’s water bowl or nipping at its tail, and sometimes the dog starts it by doing ridiculous splits and taunting the hell out of the cat, like in […] More

  • English Bulldog Watching Family Guy

    Just like any other bulldog who’s had a long day and needs to unwind. It’s very tiring to waddle around with that much weight on such short legs. So don’t judge. More

  • French Bulldog Works the Turntable Like a Pro

    Keyboard cat may have finally met his match. Book him now for your wedding or bar mitzvah! With this, the trifecta is complete: piano playing teacup pig, keyboard cat, and bulldog DJ should totally form a band. More